4829-SAVE! Narrow Roll Bullseye ThinFire Paper 65'x 20.5"

4829-SAVE! Narrow Roll Bullseye ThinFire Paper 65'x 20.5


This heat-resistant, light weight ceramic impregnated paper, provides excellent separation between kiln shelf and glass in kiln firing applications up to 1600oF. Thinfire has numerous benefits when compared to more conventional ceramic fiber materials:
• Glossier back (shelf side) surface
• Greatly reduced binder burnout odors
• Lighter weight for easier handling and storage
• One time use only.
Compared to conventional kiln washes, ThinFire reduces shelf preparation time and improves surface release quality. A single layer of paper will prevent molten glass from sticking to your shelf at full fusing temperatures (1450o-1550oF). 
Size: 32.75' x 41" x .008" Thick

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    ©2018 www.shoprainbowartglass.com - All rights reserved.