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The PERFECT GIFT for a friend or family member who loves glass! This eGift Card can be used on any of our 8,000+ available products sold on

Delivery Options:

Email to Friend or Family Member:
Recipient receives an eGift Card with your personal message directly to their Inbox. Their email, name, and your personal message must be entered in the comments section of the cart prior to checkout.

Print at Home:
Buyer will receive the eGift Card email directly to their Inbox. If a personal message is to be included, the gift recipient's name and your personal message must be entered in the comments section of the cart prior to checkout.

Delivery Time: eGift Card will be emailed asap during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm. If order is placed over the weekend, card will be emailed asap on Monday.


How can the card be redeemed?:
eGift Card is currently redeemable ONLINE ONLY at this time. Email will contain a special code that needs to be entered in the Gift Card Section of the cart during checkout. Don't forget to hit ENTER on the keyboard after typing the code for it to apply to the order. Interested in a Gift Certificate for In-Store shopping? Email us at or Call: 732-681-6003 for details.

Do I have to redeem the full amount on the card my first order?:
No. If the order total is less than than the value on the card, the difference will remain on the card. If the order value is more, the amount of the card will be decucted from the cart total.

How do I check the balance on a card?:
Email us at and we will provide the remaining gift card amount asap during regular business hours.

Do eGift Cards expire?:

Can multiple gift cards be purchased on the same order?:
No. Multiples of an increment/s can be purchased to reach a specific total but the total gift card order amount will apply to one card. If another card is to be purchased, it must be done in a seperate transaction.

Can gift cards be purchased with other products on the same order?:
No. If a gift card is purchased on an order with other supplies, the card amount will immediately be refunded and the buyer will be notified to place a seperate order.

Any other questions regarding eGift Cards, Contact via Email: or Phone: 732-681-6003.

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©2018 - All rights reserved.

©2018 - All rights reserved.