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4477-Skutt Firebox 8 Kiln

4477-Skutt Firebox 8 Kiln


4477 In Stock!

Chamber: 8"sq.x4.25"

*NOTE: This item is special order and will ship within 4-6 weeks.

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Get the convenience of a table-top kiln with the added benefit of a hinged lid that opens over 90°. Perfect for fusing and slumping smaller projects, making bracelets, firing metal clay and enameling. The body of the kiln is buckled securely to the floor of the kiln, so it will not slip off if bumped. The easy-to-read digital pyrometer allows you to set and maintain holding temperatures accurately. Operates on standard 115v / 15 amp, so no special wiring is needed.

Fire molds up to 7" X 7" X 3". Firing chamber measures 8" x 8" x 4-1/2" deep. See specifications for full product details.

The FireBox 8 comes with a digital pyrometer that reads the temperature of the kiln chamber in degrees Fahrenheit. If you would like a pyrometer that reads in Celsius let us know at the time of the order. The Pyrometer comes with a thermocouple with wire, thermocouple mounting flange, a pyrometer mounting bracket (that can be mounted to the wall or set on any flat surface) and it even comes with handy little case to store the pyrometer.

The temperature rate (speed at which the kiln heats up) is controlled by the infinite switch on the kiln. It will take a while to learn the switch settings that create the rate increases you need. It absolutely imperative that you monitor the kiln at all times. When the kiln reaches the temperature you are aiming for you can turn the switch off or you can control the rate of cooling also by using the switch. if all this is too much for you you may want to upgrade to the FireBox 8×4 which has a programmable controller.

  • Body Lifts off base easily for project placement
  • Plugs into household voltage
  • Lid Opens over 90 degrees
  • Hinged lid with wooden handle
  • Infinite switch control
  • Type K thermocouple
  • Storage case
  • Battery
  • Lifting handle for easy portability

Shipping: Allowable via UPS/Fed Ex

Upgrade to the GlassMaster 2-LT Controller for the Following Additional Abilities:

The FireBox has a brand new controller that allows you to fire Glass and Ceramics. It even has built in programs for Precious Metal Clay. Here is what you get

  • GlassFire Mode allows you to write a program simply by choosing your technique and the speed. It’s that easy!
  • ConeFire Mode allows you to fire Ceramics simply by entering the Cone Value, Firing Speed and Hold Time.
  • PMC Mode is even easier. All you enter is the type of Metal Clay you are using and press start.
  • Write your own firing programs with up to 8 Segments using Ramp and Hold. Now you can store up to 5 programs.
  • Adjust temperatures or hold times while the kiln is firing using Add Time or Add Temp or simply select Anneal Now to set your project and begin annealing it.

Upgrade to the 8x6 LT Version for the Following Additional Features:

  • Glassmaster 2-LT Controller Included in Upgrade
  • Fires up to 2250°F
  • Chamber Depth will now be 6.5"

Furniture Kit Includes:
1 - 7" x 7" x 1/2" Sq. Shelf
3 - 1/2" Posts
1 Bag of Kiln Wash
Fiber Paper

- Skutt - FireBox 8,
- Perfect glass fusing, precious metal clay, ceramics, enameling, & anything needing to get hot,
- Hinged lid,
- Compact size.
Model Number: FireBox 8.
Firing Chamber: 8" L. x 8" W. x 4-1/4" D.
Shelf: 7" x 7" x 5/8" (shelf sold separately - #4520).
Max. Temp.: 2000ºF.
Cu/Ft.: 0.17.
Volts: 115.
Amps: 15.
Phase: Single.
Watts: 1725.
Min. Wire Size: 12.
Breaker Rating: 20A.
Receptacle: NEMA 5-15.
- Digital pyrometer displays kiln temperature,
- Infinite controller switch,
- Hinged lid opens 90º using lifting handle for ease of loading and working inside kiln,
- Buckled slab holds kiln body securely to floor of kiln,
- Load through top or unbuckle body, assemble work, & place kiln back over shelf & onto slab,
- Portable.
Warranty: 2 years.
Shipping Weight: 45 Lbs.
Shipping: Allowable via UPS/Fed Ex.

Special Ordering: 
- Special ordering available if kiln not in stock.
- Allow 4-6 weeks delivery.


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4477-Skutt Firebox 8 Kiln

Chamber: 8"sq.x4.25"

*NOTE: This item is special order and will ship within 4-6 weeks.

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